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23 September 2023 - 'Historic Tour' at Zwartkops Raceway

The day before the race I had to get the leaking rear brake pressure regulator, so was was unable to make that afternoon's practice. 

We got to the track the next day and went about the normal procedures of getting documentation done, and then running through the car checking fluids, fuel level, torqueing wheel nuts and setting tyre pressures.

I made a fundamental mistake and didn't check the latest qualifying practice schedule - assuming it would be the same as set the previous day - and ended up missing my qualifying session. I had to start at the back of the grid in 16th place with no track time in this car since January.

The race was the normal rolling start, but there was no overtaking allowed until after Turn 3, so I was stuck behind some of the slower cars while the rest of the field got on their way. It also took a lap or two to get into my rythm but I ended up having a great dice with one of the Minis before finishing in 13th place.

Photo credit: Anton Wannenburg

Photo credit: Anton Wannenburg

The overhauled brake pressure regulator made a difference to the car under braking, but not in a good way. The regulator has a relief valve inside which releases pressure under hard braking to prevent the rear brakes from locking up. It's been set too light, so there is not enough pressure to make the anti-dive function work, where the rear of the car is pulled down during braking. There were a few very twitchy moments under hard braking, so this will have to be remedied - a friend suggested that I install an adjustable brake bias system for the rear brakes. 

I was also having difficulty finding gears, which pointed to the clutch hydraulics. It may need bleeding, or adjustment on the pedal, so this will be checked out.

The second heat was a non-event due to an engine oil leak, which looks like it's coming from somewhere under the air compressor.

As always, it was a fun day out at the races, but I need to race this car more often to get the gremlins ironed out.

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