24 Hours Spa Francorchamps - 27 July 1969

Daimler-Benz entered three 300SEL 6.3s for the Spa 24 Hours on 27 July 1969, and they qualified as follows:


Car # 4 driven by Jackie Ickx and Hans Hermann qualified 2nd (4m 15s)

Car # 5 driven by Rauno Aaltonnen and Dieter Glemser qualified 4th (4m 15.8s)

Car # 7 driven by Kurt Ahrens and Erich Waxenberger qualified 6th (4m 23.1s). This car must have been a late entry as it does not appear in the official entry list.


Tyre wear remained the Achilles Heel of the 6.3s, but more concerning was the tyre chunking. Due to safety concerns the cars were withdrawn from the race, but the announcement was met with boos from fans who had come to see the 6.3s race. The Daimler-Benz board took the decision to end Waxenberger’s intended European Touring Car Championship campaign and prohibited any further participation in motor racing.