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The few races that were done showed that the power steering fluid was leaking from the reservoir. I renewed the gasket and on the lid and even reduced the level of fluid, but still it ended up being wet around the entire area. It seemed like the fluid was almost boiling over, so I decided to fit a power steering fluid cooler.

A small generic cooler was bought online and I sourced the fittings and piped from my usual hydraulics supplier. The hole on the left of the radiator shroud was extended and then I fitted rubber edging around the hole to prevent the rubber hoses from chafing.

The cooler was fitted on the valance in front of the radiator, and the pipes were connected to complete the job. 

While removing the car from the garage the day before the race in September, the brake pedal felt spongy, and brake fluid on the garage floor showed something was amiss. I jacked up the car and found that the rear brake pressure regulator was leaking. Grant Densham at Natal Resleeving was able to quickly overhaul the unit to help me out and it was refitted as quickly as possible, but I would miss that afternoon's practice session. During the race, the newly overhauled pressure regulator changed the braking characteristics of the car, so I might look as fitting an adjustable brake bias regulator for inside the car.

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