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6 Hour Guia 101 Macau - 18 May 1969

Erich Waxenberger realised the potential of the Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 in touring car racing and on 18 May 1969 two 300SEL 6.3s were entered in the Six Hour Guia 101 held in Macau. It was an endurance event covering 101 laps of the 3.8 mile circuit, completed in about six hours.


Two cars were entered and qualified as follows:


Car # 51 driven by Erich Waxenberger and Albert Poon qualified in pole position (3m 15.07s)

Car # 52 was entered by Jan Bussell and Ted Moorat qualified 2nd (3m 17.07s)



Except for about twenty minutes in the hands of Poon, Waxenberger drove car number 51 to an overall victory (5h 57m 10.22s; Ave. speed 64.53mph), while the second 6.3 came in third (5h 59m 05.35s; Ave. speed 63.36mph), behind a Porsche 911S.

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