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First Race - Zwartkops 29 January 2022

The annual Passion for Speed, the largest historic racing festival in South Africa, took place on Saturday 29 January 2022. Peter du Toit, the owner and organiser of Zwartkops Raceway, put together a special event for genuine old race cars and other iconic racers, and I entered the Rote Sau for the first time. It was more a demonstration event where valuable cars could be seen and heard on the track going at whatever pace the owner chose, without the risk of cars being damaged. It was not a timed event, so no racing license was required.

The event was divided into two groups - faster cars, i.e. less than 1min 26s in the fast group, and slower than that in the slow group. 

I opted for the slow group, but I was able to drive the Mercedes as quickly as I could within my limits. It was only the car's second time out and it performed better with the changes we had made after the first track test.

During the second heat, it started to drizzle and the track surface became very greasy. It wasn't much fun and I drove very cautiously not knowing what the limits of the car were.

Nevertheless, it was good to be participating again, and to have the car on the track. There was even a trophy received for the 'Best Presented Car'.

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